laurenwordley asked:

Unbridled - the episode before, A had Spencers dress but the girls didnt even sign up for the show until the next episode, how did A know they would do it. Hanna put them forward for it ? Also when spencer saw jason, i noticed jason looking spencers dress up and down

I don’t remember. Did Ashley ask them to do it? I think Mrs D asked Ashley to help and then Ashley asked the girls to be the models? I suppose the main suspects here are Jason and Ashley as they both had access to the dresses?

Anonymous asked:

So i was watching Unbridled again and picked up some stuff which are theories except all different. When holbrook spoke to the girls about the note and said about someone else being in the grave, the camera turned to Hanna... Hanna ? Twin ? She was bullied by Ali?

I don’t know but Hanna was really suspicious in season 4. I feel like something is going on with her or Ashley. I’ll be surprised if in the end, it turns out Ashley hasn’t known about/ wasn’t involved with anything that happened to the girls/Ali at all.

movedtolancesweets asked:

this show confuses me so much now. did we ever find out who was on the roof with toby's mum the night she died? (if so, completely ignore this) do you think it could be the same person who tried to kill ali? and that that's the same person mrs d was talking about whilst on the phone the night ali went missing when she sounded really worried etc? just a thought

Nope, we haven’t found that out yet. At least, I don’t think so?

But yeah, I’m thinking it’s the same person. The person who pushed Toby’s mum has to be someone we know, and someone we are not allowed to know the identity of yet, otherwise I’m not really sure what the point of that story line is. 

Anonymous asked:

how do you think the series is gonna end post your whole theory i don't care if it's two hours please post as soon as you read this thank you

Okay well for me that’s literally impossible as my theories change all the time. I’ll try make a post in the next couple of days, including all the things I’ve always believed will happen. All the main points & how I think/want the very last episode to end :)

Anonymous asked:

i read spoilers for season 5 maya is the one who shoot ezra and emily's mom is the one who kick the door in pam has know maya was alive since season 3

Are you sure they’re real? They haven’t really written or filmed much of seasons 5 yet, so I’m not sure I believe that they’re real? Also, I don’t want to sound rude but next time, a bigger warning that you were going to tell me spoilers would he great, as I try to avoid them as much as possible. :)

Having said that, I do think Maya could still be alive. I always thought there was a weird vibe about her…. and Nate never actually admitted to killing her, so..  that’s something I’ll believe until the show has 100% finished.

Anonymous asked:

do you think pll will get 10 seasons i want it to have 6 but im not the only fan and how would you fell if the series end with a turning around and it cuts the black with with the girls screaming because who it is but we don't see the face

Six seasons sounds alright to me. Two more seasons is more than enough time to wrap everything up with no loose ends and a satisfying explanation, but I don’t know. One more season doesn’t feel like enough time, but two seasons seems like a little bit too much? I don’t want them to stretch it out for the sake of it, but we’ll see.

Ohmygod if it ends like that I’ll be so mad. Or if it turns out that the viewers are A. That would be the worst day of my life.

Anonymous asked:

I think Dean and Jason know each other and when A jumped and pulled themselves the noise defo was a girl.., with a manly figure though? Also... The people who know Ali was alive are probably linked to the girl dieing... Mona, CeCe, Shana, Ian.

It sounded like a man to me! But all you can really hear is grunting so it’s hard to tell.

God…… I wonder how many people have known that Ali has been alive all this time.