Anonymous asked:

I think that two people killed Mona, because one had blond and long hair and the second had short hair. Maybe I'm wrong, but the person that had the short blond hair had the same hair as Paige. Also I think that the car's colour in which there was mona's body is the same as Paige's car. I hadn't time to watch for the second time the last episode, to confirm my theory. Sorry, if I'm wrong. I'll see it soon.

I definitely think there’s at least two people in the hoodie. The person outside the house.. the hair looked like Paige’s. I thought that as soon as I saw it. Then, the person inside the house (going up the stairs) looked like Alison or CeCe, but mostly Alison. The person who came into Mona’s bedroom … the hair looked like a wig to me.  But I may be wrong. I mean, you could say that the person we saw going up the stairs put on a wig before entering Mona’s room, but then why would they take off their hood whilst going up the stairs as if they were just popping round for a friendly visit?

So I definitely do think Paige could have been the one outside Mona’s house, and maybe even the one to kill her. Although I think I saw a post on here where someone discovered that Mona was put into her own car? So I don’t think it was Page’s, but she’s still my number 1 suspect.



We all wondered why Mona called Aria about Ali being A instead of Hanna in 5x12.

• Notice all the Aria/Mona and mirror parallels?

I think in Season 4 Mona became interested in Mike to not only get close to Aria but try to become her in some way or form.

Mona even started dressing like Aria, the sudden change of clothing style, wearing grunge and leopard.

• Why though? Aren’t we all thinking it has to do with Aria being A? Or them both sharing the same mental illness?

Idk, but Mona seemed to favorite Aria the most in Seasons 1 and 2. Saving Aria and Ezra’s relationship and making Jackie go away (tempted to). And the less fortunate torture from A.

And it seems odd how Aria had some sympathy for Mona in 5x11. Telling her not to say that she shouldn’t of died on that cliff, when in fact Aria threatened her with the same notion. Makes no sense to me.

surrealperspective asked:

Ok so i think Mona faked her death, i think the body in the car, she was maybe just unconscious. I think she was taking blood from herself to fake her death thats why she collapsed and had a bandage on, the show has a lot of foreshadowing and the whole baby jesus thing at the end hinted that maybe monas coming back in the christmas episode? And shes in the barn that paige saw allie and the twins go to! Also i think hannah had something to do with it, i think she was helping mona..(continued)

(Continued) frame ali because she doesn’t like her, i mean, hannahs really clever if you thought about her exam results? Mona phoned aria saying ‘i can prove alis A’ so that aria and the others would think because she said that and now shes gone they will think ali did it. Its the perfect set up? Also hannah had a bruise on her hand after they found out about mona, and on twitter janel was saying ‘mona wouldnt have gone down without a fight,” so maybe hannah was involved in the fight!


I want to believe that Mona faked her death, but after seeing the body at the end….. I don’t know how she could’ve played dead that well. I’d love Mona to come back but I’ve read the interviews and she seems completely sure that she’s 100% dead. I know the writers lie to keep things shocking but I really do think she’s dead, which sucks.

I think the bruise on Hanna’s hand was actually an injury Ashley got in real life, but don’t they usually cover up stuff like that? Maybe they just missed it… or maybe they left it uncovered on purpose?

Anonymous asked:

Ok so Mona was reading a french book and listening to french music when the liars came to her home seeking help, idk if you picked up on that, to me it was like they were foreshadowing Cece Drake being back from France.. also Cece Drake has a twin who is Courtney Drake which is Black Veil/Black Widow/Big A/ Endgame !! What are your thoughts ..

Yeah, that was weird. I know Mona has been linked to France a lot, but I can’t think what that could mean.
A while ago, I liked the idea of CeCe having a twin, but now I’m not sure. I don’t know how it would bring anything to the show or how it would make sense, unless her twin was Bethany, y’know? But I’m not ruling out anything at all…. CeCe has a much bigger part to play in this, I’m sure.

karmynotkiam asked:

Okay so do you think that the girls would know a lot more about -A and everything that's happened if they would grab and hold onto the evidence or leave one or two people in the room while the other two run after the black hoodie. Like if someone had stayed behind at the lost woods resort then they could've gotten their hands on all the -A stuff. Like honestly if they just picked something up or waited and took pictures they would know more. Just saying.

I DEFINITELY don’t think they do enough. I know it’s kind of wrong to say that when you haven’t been in that situation, but I really do think they could do more. Maybe it would be different if you were going through it alone, but there’s four of them. In real life, I wouldn’t put myself through what the liars have. What with all the evidence they must have on their phones etc (A texts), surely the police would believe them? I know they haven’t been able to trust the police either, but there must be someone

laurenwordley asked:

Unbridled - the episode before, A had Spencers dress but the girls didnt even sign up for the show until the next episode, how did A know they would do it. Hanna put them forward for it ? Also when spencer saw jason, i noticed jason looking spencers dress up and down

I don’t remember. Did Ashley ask them to do it? I think Mrs D asked Ashley to help and then Ashley asked the girls to be the models? I suppose the main suspects here are Jason and Ashley as they both had access to the dresses?

Anonymous asked:

So i was watching Unbridled again and picked up some stuff which are theories except all different. When holbrook spoke to the girls about the note and said about someone else being in the grave, the camera turned to Hanna... Hanna ? Twin ? She was bullied by Ali?

I don’t know but Hanna was really suspicious in season 4. I feel like something is going on with her or Ashley. I’ll be surprised if in the end, it turns out Ashley hasn’t known about/ wasn’t involved with anything that happened to the girls/Ali at all.

movedtolancesweets asked:

this show confuses me so much now. did we ever find out who was on the roof with toby's mum the night she died? (if so, completely ignore this) do you think it could be the same person who tried to kill ali? and that that's the same person mrs d was talking about whilst on the phone the night ali went missing when she sounded really worried etc? just a thought

Nope, we haven’t found that out yet. At least, I don’t think so?

But yeah, I’m thinking it’s the same person. The person who pushed Toby’s mum has to be someone we know, and someone we are not allowed to know the identity of yet, otherwise I’m not really sure what the point of that story line is.